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Truly a best-selling children's Bible for young hearts with over 14 million copies sold

Whimsical and nostalgic Precious Moments characters delight little hearts. This full-color leatherflex Bible includes Precious Moments illustrations in full-text International Children's Bible translation. 
The "Precious Moments" brand was created by artist Sam Butcher over 30 years ago, and has touched the lives of millions throughout the world. What started as heartfelt, hand-drawn greeting cards for family and friends, was translated into porcelain figurines featuring teardrop-eyed children and became the #1 selling collectible brand. ""Precious Moments"" serves as a symbol of the emotions experienced during life's milestones including weddings, births, and christenings, in addition to special everyday moments.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
    • ISBN: 1400316642
      • ISBN-13: 9781400316649
        • SKU: 9781400316649
          • Release Date: October 12, 2010
            • Pages: 1152
              • Language: English
                • Version: International Children's
                  • Bible Type: General Use
                    • Binding: Imitation Leather
                      • Red Letter: No
                      • Height: 1.20 inches
                      • Width: 5.70 inches
                      • Length: 8.80 inches

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