CD-Sleep Sound in Jesus-Michael Card

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“Lullabies come around three times in the course of a lifetime. When we are babies, if we are fortunate, we hear them sung to us by our parents. When we are parents, if we are wise, we sing them to our babies. Then when we are grandparents, if we are especially blessed, we have that last wonderful chance to sing them again as we gaze into a little face, bits and pieces of which remind us of all our loved ones.” Michael Card

For over 20 years, Michael Card’s voice, along with Betsy Hernandez, has soothed children to sleep. With biblically based songs of comfort and love, Sleep Sound In Jesus has been a favorite for multiple generations. Whether you’re a first time parent or expecting your 3rd child, a grandparent or a friend looking for the perfect gift, Sleep Sound In Jesus (Deluxe Edition) is a must have lullaby collection.

Track List

01. Shut Your Lamps
02. Sleep Sound In Jesus
03. He'll Wipe Away Your Tears
04. Even The Darkness Is Light To Him
05. Sweet Sleep Descends
06. Dreaming Jacob's Dream
07. Song of Jesus
08. Unseen Warriors
09. Wordless Ones
10. He Grants Sleep To Those He Loves
11. Jesus Let Us Come To Know You
12. All You Are
13. Lullaby For The Unborn
14. Sleepy Eyes
15. Hold Me Gently
16. Barocha
17. What is a Tear

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