DVD-Larry Boy and the Fib From Outer Space

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"The name's Fibrilious Minimus! But you can call me Fib!" 

A little fib turns into a big problem for Junior Asparagus! With dad's favorite bowling plate in pieces, Junior is sure to be punished until a strange visitor advises him to cover his tracks with a little white lie. Dad buys the story, but Junior notices his new friend seems a little bigger now and a lot less cute! 

Lies have a way of growing – and it isn't long before Junior's "little fib" has grown into a 30-foot-tall monster, threatening to devour all of Bumblyburg! Only one person to call in a crisis like this: Bumblyburg's own superhero, Larry-Boy! But can anyone stop…the Fib from Outer Space?!? 


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